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RALLY REACTION: Trump supporters excited to see President, unhappy at restrictions

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President Trump boards Air Force One after Rochester rally

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- It has been a busy start to the weekend in the Med City. President Donald Trump stopped at the Rochester International Airport for a campaign rally Friday evening.

Those who were able to attend the invite-only event were excited to see Trump. However, many felt that more should have been let inside the event.

"We had people come from Tulsa, Oklahoma that were staying with us in the parking lot. We slept in our cars," said Trump supporter Marthamae Kottschade.

After thousands of supporters were expected to attend, only 250 people were allowed inside.

"I know the conditions are a little bit different. There's been other rallies where we got to have a little more excitement and fun," Kottschade said. "It seemed like we were very much contained and being watched by Big Brother."

Supporters allowed inside were excited nonetheless when the moment arrived. After landing, Trump got in a vehicle before taking the stage. He first addressed the crowd outside that did not get into the rally.

"It was horrible what the Governor and Keith Ellison did but the President went out there and talked directly to the people out there that waited in line," said Mike Lindell, My Pillow CEO.

Others in the audience agreed the event should have been larger.

"It's their First Amendment right," said attendee Michelle Gusten. "They shut us down and that's not okay. Our governor is wrong for it."

When he finally took the stage, President Trump spoke about his opponent, the pandemic and immigration policy.

"Absolutely beautiful. Our president stands for our peacekeepers. Law and order! It was a very short and quick visit from him." said Kottschade, who has attended several Trump rallies this year.

Supporters were also happy when the President mentioned increased GDP and his plan for economic prosperity.

"What our president is doing for our country. He's going to change this state," Gusten said. "We need to flip this state and get it red. It's time to change.

"It's been awesome hanging out with other patriots and people who love America," said another attendee, Becky Strohmeier. "It's been a great day."

Minnesota has not voted for a Republican candidate for President since 1972, but supporters are confident that will change next week.

"I am 110 percent sure that Minnesota is going to be red," Kottschade said. "You bet baby!

Just like his supporters, Trump was also critical of Governor Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison saying that thousands should have been allowed to see his rally at RST as originally planned.

Trump's opponent Joe Biden was also in Minnesota yesterday. The former vice president held a drive-in event in St. Paul.

Alex Tejada

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