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COVID-19 INCREASE: Mayo Ambulance seeing spike in transport calls

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- As we continue to hear from state health officials about the increase of COVID-19 cases in the state, we also are hearing more about front line workers being impacted.

Mayo Clinic Ambulance Operations Supervisor Kate Arms

Mayo Clinic Ambulance Operations Supervisor Kate Arms said the call volume increase it's seeing is due to transfers across different Mayo facilities both in Rochester and to other communities.

"As the hospital census increases around the region, they've really been utilizing ambulance transports to help manage those numbers and that's been a big task on our system," Arms said. "Saint Marys is doing a really good job of trying to shuffle patients from for a lack of better word to make room at each of their hospitals so that sometimes involves of our help."

However, Mayo Ambulance is not the only service experiencing this high demand.

The state has enlisted in the help of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide ambulances to those in need of extra support.

"They're coming to assist with the increasing number of again, transports that needs to happen from hospital to hospital as the census increases," Arms said.

While Mayo ambulance is not currently in a situation where it needs that extra help, Arms said she is thankful they've been able to keep up, and manage. She added Mayo has contingency plan in place if its ambulance service begins to get overwhelmed.

She noted people may begin to see other ambulance services in our area helping out with the transfer of patients.

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