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Does It Work: InstaGone

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Instagone Multi-Purpose Stain Remover claims to be an unbeatable treatment for mold, mildew, soot, nicotine, and virtually any other stain you come across. The patented formula is supposedly five times more powerful than your regular household cleaner.

For less than 20 bucks, Instagone promises to knock out even the worst stains without the need for scrubbing. But does it work?

Since the product claims to be safe to use on nearly every surface, we went over to River Valley Marine where Taylor sees his fair share of dirt and grime while detailing boats.

The jet ski he brought out for us had been left outside for a few years, and it would normally take Taylor about an hour or two to clean. Hopefully, Instagone will help speed things up.

To prepare the solution, just fill the bottle with water, pour in the powder formula, and shake it up. Then Taylor coated the hood of the jet ski with a generous amount of product.

The directions say to wait a few minutes for results, but the grime started to dissolve almost immediately! You could clearly see where the product had been sprayed, as the grime turned from black to a rusty orange color.

When Taylor rubbed his hand over it, the original color began to shine through. Taylor grabbed a rag to wipe off the residue and we were both surprised by just how clean the surface was underneath!

Taylor thought it would be a great product for someone who's looking for a cheap, efficient cleaning chemical. "I think it works, I'd recommend it. If somebody wants to buy an inexpensive chemical to clean mold or mildew out of your house, your boat, your camper, I would recommend it for people to use."

InstaGone…you pass the Does It Work test!

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