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PROJECT BLIZZARD: Test your winter knowledge

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Now that we've refreshed your knowledge on winter weather, we decided to head around town to test other resident's weather knowledge.

First question: thundersnow is an unusual kind of thunderstorm that produces snow instead of rain. Fact or fiction?

Fact! Thundersnow is actually a real thing, but only occurs about 6 times per year worldwide so it's pretty rare to experience it.

Second question: Rochester, Minnesota is the largest city with the highest annual average snowfall. Fact or fiction?

Fiction! Rochester, New York is the largest city with the highest annual snowfall: they average 94 inches per year while Rochester, Minnesota averages 51 inches.

Third question: Blizzards can have the same wind speeds as hurricanes. Fact or fiction?

Fact! Blizzards can have wind speeds over 100 mph which is the same strength as a category 1 hurricane.

Fourth question: The coldest temperature ever recorded in southeast Minnesota is 45 degrees below zero. Fact or fiction?

Fact! Both Zumbrota and Preston have recorded temperatures of 45 below.

Last question: Roughly 10 million pounds of salt are used on US roads each year. Fact or fiction?

That's technically true, but it's an underestimate: the actual amount is about 22 million pounds!

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