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DIW: Hot Hands

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As we approach the holiday season, many are getting back into the kitchen. However, regular oven mitts can be bulky, making it hard to grip your pots and pans.

Hot Hands claim to provide a five-finger, non-slip grip while keeping your hands safe from high heat! For less than 10 dollars, these silicone gloves promise to be waterproof, durable, and dishwasher safe.

Pasquale Presa, the owner of Pasquale's Pizzaria is no stranger to heat in the kitchen.

Initially, he thought the gloves sounded pretty promising, but after putting them on Pasquale wasn't completely sold. He was concerned about the possibility of the silicon melting when getting too hot.

When Pasquale pulled the pan out of the oven, he could feel the heat on his hand almost immediately. While his hand wasn't burned, he said he could feel the intense heat from the pan and wouldn't trust this to be used by someone in a household setting.

After re-reading the instructions, we realized that the gloves claim to only be heat resistant up to 425 degrees while Pasquale's oven was set to 550. Yet he went on to explain that he still doesn't think they would be suitable to use in a household setting.

"Even at home, ovens go up to 500. And metal will get hotter. If it's metal, it's going to conduct more heat and stay hotter so I'm not sure. Me? I would be scared to use it."

Because of that risk…Hot Hands, you fail the Does It Work Test!
I reached out to Ontel, the manufacturer of Hot Hands, for a response but I have not yet received a reply.

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