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Winter Weather Alerts

Olmsted County averages right around 29 weather alerts each winter season. Out of those 29 winter weather alerts, blizzard warnings account for around 0.7 alerts. We're pretty close to averaging at least one blizzard warning each winter season. In 2013-2014, Olmsted County saw 62 different winter weather alerts which were the most in the past 15 years (2005-2020). The two alerts issued the most that season were Wind Chill Advisories (29) and Winter Weather Advisories (21). We did have 2 blizzard warnings issued in 2013-2014 which was the most we've seen in the past 15-years!

These numbers show the average amount of weather alerts our counties experience on a per-year-basis. The winter weather alerts we analyzed are Winter Weather Advisories, Winter Storm Warnings/Watches, Blizzard Warnings/Watches, Ice Storm Warnings/Watches, and Wind Chill alerts. Most of SE Minnesota and NE Iowa normally average around the same amount of weather alerts in the winter. On average, Cerro Gordo, Worth, and Steele counties saw more alerts than the rest of SE Minnesota and NE Iowa.-(Break down of average weather alerts)

Nick Jansen

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