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Athlete of the Week – Jolie and Raina Stecher, Stewartville Girls Basketball

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) - There's double trouble in Stewartville

A set of basketball twins are making noise in the area, Stewartville's Jolie and Raina Stecher.

"I think of those two as brining the toughness, Stewartville American muscle this year" said Ryan Liffrig, Stewartville Head Coach.

Tough is exactly what the twins are, as they excel at doing basketball's dirty work.

"I take a lot of pride in defense and every time I block a shot that's like somebody else shooting a three to me. It just gives me a lot of joy" said Raina Stecher.

"I guess when I was little, I always used to not really care about scoring as much we had really good scorers around the team. So doing the extra work was always kind of fun" said Jolie Stecher.

Through two games, the duo have a combined stat line of 60 rebounds, 13 blocks, 6 steals and a charge. And they want more, the two have set the goal of 30 rebounds between the two of them each game.

"Going into each game, that's kind of what I want. I want to do the best at rebounding that's my role as a teammate and everybody's got there certain role, its a high number, but its where it should be for us" Raina said.

Its that work ethic and grit that propels the twins. Something they say they got from family.

"My brother used to roughhouse with us cause he always wanted a little brother so Raina and I would always get the brunt of that. And we were play basketball with our brother as we were little so to rebound, to get the ball you would have to work hard " Jolie said.

Its that mindset that has spread to their teammates as well.

"The rest of the team then feeds off of that, we got a guard that's 5 -foot- 4 get 11 rebounds last game so them making it important, than makes it important for the younger kids" Liffrig said.

Jolie and Raina Stecher have set the tone for a 2-0 Stewartville team this season and for that they are KTTC's Athlete of the Week.

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