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Does It Work: cone-shaped ice scraper

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The Avide Cone-Shaped Windshield Ice Scraper guarantees its innovative shape will cut ice removal time in half, compared to your average ice scraper… something we Minnesotans would love.

The plastic product claims it won't scratch your windshield, can be used to scoop snow off of your car and comes with removable spikes on one end to break through thick ice.

One of our news cars was completely solid with ice on the windshield so I started off using the spikes to see if that can break up the ice a bit.

The spikes removed some ice but might be better used to break up larger ice buildups, like those you'd find by your wipers.

The cone side was really effective and easy to use! Without scrubbing too hard, the area I used it on was completely cleared of ice. It only took me about 3 minutes to clear off the entire windshield, but the product does have some limitations.

If you have shorter arms or a larger vehicle, it might be a little harder to get in towards the middle or towards the top of the windshield. That is the benefit of having a longer ice scraper.

Yet the product worked well, so it passed the Does It Work test.

If you'd like more information on the product, you can click here.

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Amanda Morgan

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