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Does it work: Knot Out

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(KTTC) -- For $15, the Allstar Innovations Knot Out Electric Pet Grooming Comb claims to be an easy and fast grooming tool to keep your pet's fur well maintained.

Its wide-toothed comb is said to glide through your pet's fur while its guarded, rotating blades break through knots and tangles without any tugging or pulling.

We went over to Paws and Claws where Josie agreed to test it out for us, but her feline friend Jeff was in rough shape. The senior cat had been found in a puddle and had a lot of matted fur on his back.

Josie showed me the fine-toothed brush they would usually use to remove the knots out but the animals aren't too fond of it because it pulls the mats out and involves a lot of tugging, making it uncomfortable for them.

Even though the electric brush made a lot more noise than the tool Jeff was used to, it broke through the mats more gently than the standard brush, without removing too much excess fur.

Josie said the tool cut through the knots rather than pulling them out like their usual brush.

The only critique she has for the product is the noise, which made Jeff nervous. But overall, she was impressed!

Knot Out, you pass the Does It Work test!

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