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Sniffing out COVID-19

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(KPNX) -- Man’s best friend is taking his spot on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19.

The Miami Heat made news in January by becoming the first pro sports team in the United States to use COVID-sniffing dogs. This allowed the team to welcome fans into American Airlines Arena while many other pro sports teams continue to play in front of empty crowds.

Jessie Keller is a technical sergeant and trains K9s at Luke Air Force Base and for local police departments.

She says dogs are commonly trained to sniff for explosives and drugs, but they can also be trained to find humans, fruit, counterfeit money and more.

Dogs can even determine if a person with diabetes is hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic based on the scent of that person’s saliva.

“If there is a strong odor that we can detect with COVID, I’m pretty sure it’s very simple,” Keller says. “All we need is the training aid. Everything else is pretty much the same.”

For COVID-19, trainers are using masks won by people who have tested positive for the virus.

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