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Does it work: No Stitch

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You can ditch your old-fashioned thread and needle with the Bell & Howell "No Stitch." This handheld heat iron claims to repair seams, adjust hems and fix tears on practically every type of fabric. From the heaviest fabric to the lightest, No Stitch claims it can mend it all.

I had a dress that had a hem that was coming undone, that would be perfect to test the product on.

While the iron heated up, I poured the adhesive powder along the hem, making sure to spread it evenly. Then I laid down the wax paper to protect the fabric and started ironing.

Because of the wax paper, it was hard to see exactly what parts I was ironing. But once I thought I covered the entire area, I lifted the paper to see the results.

At first, the glue was still soft and looked like the hem would come apart. Once the glue cooled down, the hem felt secure and looked pretty seamless!

However, because it was mended with glue, that section of the hem was a bit stiff compared to the rest of the dress and might be more noticeable than if you were to sew it as normal.

Yet overall, the No Stitch securely mended my hem in a short amount of time.

No Stitch.. you pass the Does It Work test!

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Amanda Morgan

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