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Does it work: 5 Second Fix

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It's more than just glorified super glue…in fact, it's not glue at all!

Using a plastic welding compound, the Ontel 5 Second Fix claims to create flawless bonds in just seconds, without the sticky mess of glue.

The actual product is about the size of a pen, with a liquid dispenser on one end, and a small UV light on the other. The welding material will supposedly bond when exposed to the UV light.

I used a broken pair of glasses since the website specifically shows a pair of glasses being mended.

The directions say to apply a pea-sized amount of liquid, then turn on and hold the UV light a few millimeters away for approximately five seconds.

It was hard to hold the broken piece and the UV light at the same time, so my placement was a little off and the bond didn't feel very sturdy. It's possible that it was all user error to blame, and it might be more effective on something like a mug or a picture frame, rather than a pair of glasses.

Despite the product design not being the best, it still did what it said it would do. 5 Second Fix, you pass the does it work test!

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Amanda Morgan

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