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New exhibit in Rochester highlights importance of water conservation


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- When we turn on our faucets or start our showers, we may not think too much about the water flowing out, but a new exhibit in Rochester is challenging us to start thinking about water in different ways.

The We Are Water MN traveling exhibit sponsored by the Minnesota Humanities Center opened at the Rochester Art Center last week.

The interactive exhibit calls on Minnesotans to reflect on the role water plays in their lives and how to be good stewards of this precious natural resource.

"We may think about bathing, but there are spiritual components to water," Rochester Public Works Environmental Education Specialist Stephanie Hatzenbihler said. "There are memories you may have with water like going out an playing in it. Thinking about your relationship with it, and why water is important to you, will help people become better water stewards."

Hatzenbihler said keeping the water supply healthy can be as simple as only flushing items like toilet paper and human waste. She said any other items will damage and pollute the system.

Hatzenbihler said water treatment technology has advanced in the past years, and the city of Rochester has high quality water compared to other cities.

The exbibit educates people about pollution, like salt on the sidewalks and streets, and how it contaminates the water supply. It also has a station that tells personal stories of the people's experiences with water.

The History Center of Olmsted County and 125 Live also have We Are Water MN pop up exhibits right now.

Admission to the Rochester Art Center is free through May 9.

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