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Does It Work: Copper Chef 360 frying pan

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One of the worst parts about making a home-cooked meal is the sink full of pots and pans left waiting for you.

Luckily, the Copper Chef 360 frying pans promise to simplify the after-dinner clean-up with their Cerami Tech non-stick coating. This innovative technology will supposedly allow your food to slide from pan to plate with no residue left behind.

I asked Tyler McClanahan, executive chef at Grand Grill, to help me put them to the test.

First impressions, Tyler was excited, saying if it works, the pan could give you a healthy advantage while cooking.

"We use regular frying pans. The only disadvantage of using these is you have to use something along the lines of oil and butter, obviously making it greasier. "

Yet he was still skeptical of just how well the pan would work, so we got cooking.

The first test: frying an egg. When it came time to flip, the egg rolled off the pan easily and remained completely intact! Even after breaking the yolk, the egg still slid around the pan easily.

Then came the second test: melting cheese.

The results were the same but equally amazing: none of the cheese stuck or burnt to the pan.

Tyler's only critique of the pan was the handle did get pretty hot, so you may need to hold it with a towel or an oven mitt. He wasn't sure how long the non-stick quality would last but was confident that the overall pan would hold up well after multiple uses and washes.

Copper Chef 360, you pass the Does It Work test!

For more information on the product, click here.

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