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Athlete of the Week – Alex Olson, Lourdes Boys Golf

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Right now you could call a shot and Alex Olson just might hit it.

"Somedays for sure yeah, I mean the other day at soldiers I had like a big slice, hooked it just around the tree like I wanted to. So times like that really feel like I can," Alex Olson said.

The Lourdes sophomore is playing some of his best golf early in the season, medaling in three straight tournaments with scores of 79, 38 in 9 holes, and a 73.

"He doesn't really have a weakness to it, he's strong in all facets of the game. His play off the tee, his play with his irons, play on the green, around the green with his putter they're all strong. He doesn't do one thing tremendous or great he does everything very well and in golf that's very very important," Lourdes Head Coach Jeff True said.

But what might be even more impressive than his play is the game he continues to win between his ears.

"Just have to try and stay as humble as you can, you can't let it get to your head that'll just make things worse. Really just try to get those good shots, keep them going, but you have to manage your emotions on those bad ones, can't let them get to you or your round will just keep getting worse," Olson said.

"I'm forty years old I've been golfing since I was six years old he's got more consistency between his ears than I do," True said.

"Alex's mental capacity to understand the game, not risk high scores, know when its smart to take a risk, know when its smart to take your medicine get off the hole with a par or even a bogey rather than a double or triple. That's a testament to his hard work, but also just understanding the game more than it is physical attributes."

It's that mindset that Olson hopes can translate to something bigger than his individual scores.

"I think our team has a really good shot once we get to sections to maybe go to state. We're having a lot of low scores so if we just keep those low scores and manage the high ones I think we'll have a good shot getting to state," Olson said.

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