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Walz urges passage of education package by state Senate, hints at further loosening restrictions

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) -- Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is continuing to push for passage of a $150 million education package. Now, he fears time is running out.

"The legislature [session] is down to two weeks. We tell our students not to procrastinate on our homework, we are procrastinating on our homework," said Walz.

The governor emphasized the importance of this bill, as it allows schools more financial resources and flexibility for summer programs.

"This should have been done well before April 15th. And it puts a real burden on administrations because they have no choice because of requirements that they have to start projecting budgets based on a shortfall. That shortfall, by all accounts, should never materialize," said Walz.

The governor also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though he acknowledged how the virus remains a threat, he stated that Minnesotans should expect a much more normal summer relative to 2020.

"This summer's gonna look a little different than, certainly last summer. We're gonna be back in the stadiums, we're gonna be in swimming pools, we're gonna be doing the things we should be doing in summer. And they should be running and having fun, but we also need to provide enrichment opportunities," said Walz.

He even alluded to a future announcement regarding the state's reopening.

"Thursday, I hope Thursday, we'll be prepared to make an announcement around where we're at in COVID. I think it's worth noting again that Minnesotans have done what was asked," said Walz.

The governor also mentioned how impressed he was with Minnesota's vaccination stats, which are some of the highest in the country.

Noah Caplan

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