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Schools should prepare for COVID-19 Delta Variant, according to public health officials

OLMSTED COUNTY, Minn. (KTTC) -- The COVID-19 Delta Variant has become a concern for many health officials nationwide. As the summer months fly by, children going back to school during this up rise in variants is on the forefront of many people's minds.

"Talking about going back to school, I think as a public health official one thing that makes me a little bit nervous is that any time you bring a large number of people together indoors, they're unvaccinated. Because if a virus gets into that population, that can pass quickly around," stated Olmsted County Director of Public Health Graham Briggs.

For parents and teachers guiding kids through this uncertain time, the same things experts have been advising for the past year and a half still stand when it comes to keeping everyone safe.

"Distancing and how much safer it is outdoors and how much of a difference wearing masks can make when you're in an indoor setting, for that matter. As far as quarantine goes, if one person is sick and exposes others, keeping those others students away from exposing additional people," said Briggs.

Testing for COVID-19 will continue to be easy to get and Minnesota even has a system set up where testing kit can be sent through the mail.

"That's really useful in what we call screening where for people that aren't sick to be able to test themselves routinely and potentially detect virus when they're starting to feel sick or before they even feel sick at times," Briggs said.

According to Graham Briggs, we could see emergency use authorization for the 2-11 age group some time in the early fall.

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