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City of Rochester needs public input on bike and pedestrian infrastructure plans

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The City of Rochester has plan to improve bike and pedestrian routes and is requesting the public's help in the planning process.

The project is called the Active Transportation Project and it's being revised from the original one that was implemented back in 2012.

It is focused on "human powered" modes of transportation which include biking, walking and riding scooters.

Organizers of the project said Rochester residents need safe and accessible routes that connect them between places like businesses, neighborhoods and schools.

There is $125,000 budgeted for the project.

Public feedback is needed so planners know how to prioritize which areas to work on first.

Planners said walking and biking improve overall health of people and help the local economy.

"We are looking to direct city spending regardless of whether there is a ton of input or not," Rochester Community Development Planner Matthew Tse said. "It's really for the benefit of the entire city. At the end of the day me and my teammates are all public servants and so we're trying to figure out where best to spend our money and who that may best serve."

Residents are asked to take an online survey . There is also an interactive map that allows community input through comments.

"Unlike the survey, it really is a little bit more community focused," Tse said. "With the comment system, it hypothetically allows people to interact more by putting down their names, making it more personal, viewing the input other people said, and giving them the chance to support or supplement what others say."

The planners will collect data into the middle of Sept. In the winter, the team will start to prioritize which areas need work first.

Construction on the projects is set to start next spring.

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