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A Rochester family’s stolen puppy has returned after thieves snatched from children with autism

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- A stolen French Bulldog has been recovered after missing for two months.

Jennifer Arendt's first told KTTC in June that a group of thieves stole her puppy named Sprinkles, from her front yard, as her three sons who have autism were playing with him.

"It definitely was scary. I felt like we put the boys in jeopardy and we like we just... We were targeted," she said.

Arendt sought out help in finding Sprinkles on social media. Her Facebook post received more than 2,000 shares.

Sprinkles and Jennifer Arndt

"I've always told the boys you know, Sprinkles will be returned. It will just be in God's timing," she said.

On Thursday, Arendt received the news she'd be waiting for.

"Somebody that was dog-sitting him messaged me on Facebook, 'Hey, I think I have your stolen French Bulldog. We're dog-sitting him.' And I was like, 'Please send me a picture to confirm' and they did, she said.

Arendt and the breeder she purchased the dog from drove to St. Paul to confirm if that bulldog was Sprinkles.

"We have a microchip scanner. And he is microchipped. And I brought the scanner with, scanned the microchip. Matched it up to the barcode that Jen has. And it matched and we knew it was him 100 percent. There was no difference of whose dog it was," said Erica Holland, the breeder.

The St. Paul family that bought Sprinkles had no idea he was stolen.

"They went onto my Facebook and read my story. They felt very empathetic and didn't know he was a stolen dog so they wanted to do the right thing and return him. So very blessed for that," Arndt said.

The American Kennel Club says French Bulldogs were the second most popular dog breed in 2020. The dog breed is also among one of the most common dogs stolen.

"French Bulldogs start at 12 hundred dollars and go anywhere upwards at that," Holland said.

Now that Sprinkles is adjusting back to his home life, his support for Arendt's three sons begin.

"It means the world. We're going to definitely get him into his classes to get him to their therapy or service dog. And everybody feels a little more comforted with him home. So, it's definitely a blessing," Arendt said.

Since this incident, Arendt says she's added security cameras to her yard. A police report has been filed, and there is a suspect, but no charges have been made yet.

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