Grand Meadow kids show support for Harberts family

An area family is experiencing the unthinkable.

On Friday, Rachel, Jaxon and Emerson Harberts were rear-ended on Highway 14.  Emerson didn’t make it, and Rachel and Jaxon underwent surgery after the accident.  People in our community are now coming together to help this family in its time of need.

Students at Grand Meadow Schools wore Blooming Prairie colors to show support for the Harberts family on Wednesday.  Emerson was a student at Blooming Prairie and Rachel taught first grade there.  At Grand Meadow, the love and support in a time of need can be felt by everybody, even the smallest of children.

"Black and white because that’s their school colors, that’s the color their school was," explains Grand Meadow first grader Claire Skifter, "And purple too, because that was Emerson’s favorite color."

Teachers such as Lynn Baldus say a tragic event such as this can teach students about doing something to help others in a time of need.

"It’s really important to press upon the kids that when something happens, a problem arises, you need to have a growth mindset," the first grade teacher explains, "and how do you pick up from where you’re at and continue to make progress in your life even though you’ve had to deal with problems or sad things that have happened because we all go though times where we face challenges."  

And indeed, students are learning lessons about supporting other people as the community comes together.

"It’s really heartwarming because we don’t know them personally, yes, but it’s like an extension of our family," says Grand Meadow Student Body President Greta Warmka, "I hope that by doing this, it shows in the real world to support other people, it’s healthy for you and it’s healthy for them.  We just need to, everybody needs to be nice to each other and focus on helping each other." 

A helping hand is appreciated by all during times of crisis such as this.  People wanting to help the Harberts family can do so at a GoFundMe page that has been set up for them.  The goal is to help relieve pressure of upcoming expenses for the family by raising $100,000.  



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