Hy-Vee recalls cheesecakes

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (KTTC) – Supermarket chain Hy-Vee is voluntarily recalling its cheesecakes made with Diamond Crystal Brands cheesecake mix.

The recall is due to a potential Salmonella contamination.

In an email statement Friday night Hy-Vee says it’s issuing the recall after a notification from the supplier. The chain says it has no reports of any illness due to the potential contamination.

The voluntary recall includes 32 varieties of cheesecakes in both 8-ounce and 32-ounce packages. Those products were shipped to 117 of Hy-Vee’s 249 grocery stores across the region including Iowa and Minnesota.

The expiration date range is between Dec. 6, 2018, and Jan. 11, 2019. The expiration date can be found on the label. Hy-Vee says cheesecakes of the same variety but with a different UPC are not impacted by the recall.

Hy-Vee says customers who purchased any of the cheesecakes should dispose of them or return them to their local Hy-Vee store for a full refund.

Consumers with questions can call Hy-Vee Customer Care representatives at 1-800-772-4098.

Recalled products:

  • 02-80142-00000 Cherry Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-80141-00000 Cherry Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-80146-00000 Oreo Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-80145-00000 Oreo Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-80148-00000 Pumpkin Fluff Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-80147-00000 Pumpkin Fluff Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-80150-00000 Strawberry Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-80149-00000 Strawberry Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-80224-00000 Mint Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-80223-00000 Mint Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82327-00000 Turtle Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82328-00000 Turtle Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-80153-00000 Flag Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-80151-00000 Flag Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82315-00000 Mint Chip Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82316-00000 Mint Chip Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82317-00000 Strawberry Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82318-00000 Strawberry Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82319-00000 Lemon Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82320-00000 Lemon Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82321-00000 Pumpkin Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82322-00000 Pumpkin Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82323-00000 Chocolate Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82324-00000 Chocolate Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82325-00000 Sea Salted Caramel Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82326-00000 Sea Salted Caramel Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82329-00000 Golden Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82330-00000 Golden Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82331-00000 Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82332-00000 Oreo Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
  • 02-82333-00000 Smores Bettercreme Cheesecake Serving 8oz
  • 02-82334-00000 Smores Bettercreme Cheesecake Family Size 32oz
Nathan Nakama

Nathan Nakama

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