“State of the Workforce Forum” helps businesses understand workforce challenges

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – A lot of businesses in Southeast Minnesota can’t find enough employees to fill their open jobs.

So, many business leaders gathered in Rochester at RCTC on Friday to try to understand what to do about it.

According to Workforce Development Inc., the economy we’re in right now is “transformational” and “dynamic.”

This forum was intended to help businesses understand the workforce challenges in Southeast Minnesota, as well as learn new skill demands.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, unemployment is low.

“We came out of – 10 years ago – a pretty severe recession. But we’re in a n environment today where we have extremely low unemployment. And businesses are struggling to find employees that are qualified for the jobs that are available, both with experience as well as in the quantity that businesses need to hire,” said Xcel Energy’s Design & Construction Director Jeff Custer.

A forum like the one ton Friday can help companies get a better idea of the overall economy, and get some guidance on hiring processes if changes need to be made.

Custer said Workforce Development Inc. plays a key role in finding employees, and partnering with employers to find good matches.

Ala Errebhi

Ala Errebhi

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