Floods in Pine Island start Spring Break early

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PINE ISLAND, Minn. (KTTC) – The Zumbro River is at a high level in Pine Island. City workers believe it has crested for now.

Parks and sports fields near the river are underwater.

City Civil Defense Director Wayne King says that the south part of the river has leveled off and the North part is down four inches from its high point.

Schools are closed today due to safety concerns, and Spring break for the district starts next week.

It’s the 11th day the district has canceled due to weather. Five days have been made up through the school’s E-learning program.

“This is just the after effect of all of the melting and additional rain that we’ve had in this area,” said Superintendent Tammy Champa as she stood in front of a flooded baseball field. “We have experienced flooding and water in these areas in the past. The timing of this one’s a little unusual, but we’ll recover and our fields will be in good shape.”

Pine Island Public Works plans to have sandbags available for residents if the flooding persists.

Many residents we spoke to say the water levels are manageable for now.

However, there are concerns of more flooding if a rapid rise in temperature happens next week.

KTTC Staff

KTTC Staff

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