Minnesota legislators progressing on trying to agree to new budget deal

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) — State leaders are burning the midnight oil in St. Paul Tuesday night. DFL Governor Tim Walz and Senate Republicans are still trying to reach a budget deal, as time is running out on the 2019 legislative session.

Republican Legislators, led by Senate Majority Leader, Paul Gazelka.

Another long day of work here at the capitol has yet to produce results and it remains unknown whether the two sides will actually get a deal done.

Yesterday the two sides spent the day throwing jabs at each other, looking like they were further apart than ever before, with the Republicans using a board with emojis to display their points.

While DFLers displayed outrage at what they said was the Republicans unwillingness to compromise.

But on Tuesday there remains a new hope, both sides are still behind close doors trying to hammer out a deal. After yesterday’s distance, there seemed to be optimism as the sides broke for dinner on Tuesday night.

“Well we’re working through the budget, the fact that we were there that long should say something,” said Senate Majority Leader, Paul Gazelka (R).

Minnesota DFL Legislators, led by Governor, Tim Walz.

“It appears to me like our plan is to be here all night and we’ll let you know if anything comes up,” said Governor Tim Walz (DFL).

The two main sticking points continue to be the gas tax hike and the whether they should keep the healthcare provider tax.

While the session officially ends next Monday, a deal needs to be done by Wednesday, so lawmakers have enough time for drafting the final budget bills and passing them.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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