Businesses impacted by recent heavy rain start to re-open

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MILLVILLE, Minn. (KTTC) –  Weeks of heavy rain have forced area kayaking and tubing businesses to close. Now that we’ve had the chance to dry out those businesses are starting to re-open.

A group of young people tubing on the Zumbro River

On Friday, the Zumbro River measured 8.3 feet near Millville, but two weeks ago it was nearly 28 feet. In the weeks since then, it’s now come down to a normal level allowing people to come out and enjoy the water.

“We cherish every time we go, but it is special today. It is,” said Allison Finseth, who made the trip to Millville Friday. Kayakers like Finseth and her family are finally able to take advantage of a tame Zumbro River.

“It’s been weeks since we’ve been able to come out. With the flooding going on, the water’s been way too high.”

The water level has been like an uncontrollable roller coaster: up and down, taking a hit on Lisa Schuchard’s business.

Lisa Schuchard owns Zumbro River Ratz in Millville

“Well there’s really not been any business in the past month or so. We’ve been closed most of the summer. We’ve been able to open about five days so far this year,” said Schuchard. She owns Zumbro River Ratz in Millville, a kayaking and tubing business.

The businesswoman hopes a change in weather happens or things could go downstream. “Easily half of my summer income has been lost to the weather this year.”

Schuchard and her husband did a safety check of the river Thursday, floating the roughly five-mile long stretch of water checking for safety hazards.

“I was waiting for the river to get below nine feet on the Zumbro Falls recorder, anything over that is too swift.”

She hopes the current weather holds up so that kayakers, like Finseth, keep coming back.

“It’s gonna be a nice day; good day to get in.”

Zumbro River Ratz in Millville is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. They’re usually open just three months: June, July, and August.

Shannon Rousseau

Shannon Rousseau

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