US Steel: Number of non-union positions eliminated at Minntac, Keetac

DULUTH, Minn. (KJBR) — US Steel officials say due to a new operating structure and challenging market conditions, they have eliminated a number of non-union represented positions in the United States, which includes the facilities at Minntac and Keetac.

A spokesperson with the company says the new operating structure was announced on October 8, and leaders looked to find ways to efficiently execute the change.

The spokesperson says as part of the process, the positions were eliminated, but couldn’t confirm the number of positions eliminated.

Officials say it was necessary to eliminate the positions in order to execute the strategy, saying it will “deliver cost and capability differentiation to create a world competitive ‘best of both’ footprint.”

The company says the move will allow them to better manage our resources amid challenging market conditions.

A full statement provided by a spokesperson can be found below:

“Following the announcement of our new operating structure on Oct. 8, leaders examined organizational structures, work performed, and spending to find opportunities to more efficiently execute our strategy. At the same time, we’ve been battling challenging market conditions, which means we need to truly become a leaner, more efficient organization faster. As part of this process, we are taking the difficult step to eliminate a number of non-represented positions in the United States, including at our Minntac and Keetac facilities. Unfortunately, this was a necessary step in the execution of our strategy which will deliver cost and capability differentiation to create a world competitive “best of both” footprint. It’s always difficult when we have to say goodbye to valued colleagues, but these moves will allow us to better manage our resources amid challenging market conditions.”

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KTTC Staff

KTTC Staff

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